A Meu Ver!


Enjoy and indulge but don't hold on. Everything changes. The bittersweet journey of life, eh? This week the Full Moon arrives to shed light on the fact that a page must one again be turned, and that it's practical to throw away the old before it begins to rot and you simply don't want it around any longer! It's not so romantic to hold on to the box of chocolates your lover got you on your first date only to find it full of green moss years later when you're peckish. You're in such a super sensual and sensitive mode. Financially you're dreaming of "what you'd do if, what'll do when or what you can't do because". But that may be  a distraction from the practical financial questions you should be asking and the sensible solutions you should be reaching. Any debts deserve to be cleared now. We're talking emotionally holding anyone prisoner, actual money obligations. And it's also time to get sensible about your desires for the sake of your health. Indulge but remember, without moderation you risk getting in a little too deep and having to deal with the mess of extremes. Expect change, but do so calmly without urgency.

By Neil D Paris.

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