A Meu Ver!

"- How could you say I don't love you? How could you think that?
- What am I supposed to think, Vanessa? You treat me like shit. We already argued about this, so I don't wanna go thought it again.
- You're not supposed to love someone who cheats on you. It's stupid. It's weak. I know, because I work with these women.They get their hearts broken every Saturday night and I won't be like them. I fucking refuse.
- Never happened again.
- But then here I am in the same house with you and I'm so scared, because you're closer to me than my skin. That's how much you're a part of me, Rico. I can't ever stop loving you. That's why I treat you like shit."
-Don't you get it?
- Got it." 

Six Feet Under, Ecotone - Rico and Vanessa

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