A Meu Ver!


I'm trying to document my dreams, because I'm dreaming a bunch of crazy things, probably because my head is spinning recently. 

Today's dream had a pool, in a summer day, I was looking for a skin treatment article by "some Korean" guy from Lost in a magazine. First tried to check three iPads, like the content would change, but there's water on the side of the pool. Then someone was by my side and I told them the article was not by Locke but from the other guy. We found the magazine and I woke up.

Then I dreamed that I was in a house, I was with some people walking up a street, some of my mom's stuff like gloves on the floor but I didn't picked it up and when I was up there in hill, ran back to pick it up. Then I missed a bus and got a taxi, with two strange guys, one of them was the driver. The place I was going seemed like Penha, close to Fezitcha's house. One of them tried to rape, or both tried. 

Oh, there was a part of this dream I was with Nati and a baseball bat, some guys chasing us. 

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