A Meu Ver!

And let the love live

Me and my friend Fernando are always talking about love, how much it is wanted and how to manage a life without it. How Sex And The City plays a big part in the path setter role in our lives, how we relate to the girls and the way they love, and their love for New York City. 

After a ton of falls it is really difficult to keep believing in any kind of love and true love feels like a utopia. 

My exercise is to keep in mind that we are dealing with humans and not flawless machines. I'm saying this because I'll talk about someone that apparently found true love and seeing this person doing some stuff, and my conservative mind (the one that lives down in the bottom of my soul, that barely exists) judged him and I wouldn't act different than he did.
The thing is we never know what happens inside a relationship, it's about the two people and nobody should ever try to interfere. 

My friend is getting married tomorrow, I just saw his vows, talking about fairy tales, how things may not be easy, but they gonna fight together. And that's the truth. 

I changed my soundtrack on the iPhone so it could fit better. Chose that song, that one I thought I would walk the aisle while played by string quartet, in that far far far time when I truly believed in love, before the deception takes over. Love Will Come Through with Fran's sweet voice. 

Then I started to listen to that acoustic concert in a radio station by The Cardigans and again, they have the sweetest and most beautiful love songs ever, maybe I believe that because they're my songs. :)

"oh, blue, blue, black and blue
red blood sticks like glue
true love is cruel love
red blood's a power fuel
sweet love tasted blood
my heart overfloods

man, you hit me!
yeah you hit me really hard
baby, you hit me!
yeah you punched me right in the heart
and then you kissed me..."

"I’m an angel bored like hell
And you’re a devil meaning well
You steal my lines and you strike me down
Come raise your flag upon me
And if you want me, I’m your country
If you win me I’m forever, oh yeah"

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