A Meu Ver!

And life is now...

Went to NYC last weekend, took Fe with me this time and it was good, without a good friend my non-noticed PMS would surely break me down. 

It was the Sueco's birthday and in the end nothing expected happened. Let's say this chapter is now finished, I'm over it and I feel so good. 
The era of no answered/taking weeks to get a reply message is over, like every single friend said, I deserve better things in life.
Mr. J was out of town and I felt so bad about it. I wished so bad he was there and we could hang out. 

Back at work, no seat map era came back, hopefully forever. Day 1 is coming. They gave us a panetonne for the first time. And those fucking bitches keep bitching. 

I wish I could meet him up and go to a Front Bottoms concert, it would finish this year perfectly. 

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