A Meu Ver!

Still talking about life

Since we - and by we, I mean myself - still talking about life and thinking over and over again about what happened.  

Sueco took a picture of us at the diner table and didn't send it to me until now, I'm so pissed about that. I wanted those pictures, the portrait of a shitty night. 

Lontra wins in the cuteness and quirkiness. But is missing and when people go missing I tend to get suspicious and be less and less interested. 

I saw SFO's sister's doppelgänger in my flight back home. They even share the same name, it was absurd! Well, I send him a message saying I met this woman in a flight and his answer made me want to punch him. And now I know it wouldn't never work out. 

Just figure I don't know how to act when people are interested in me. Trying to keep the expectations as low as possible, because I know how hard it could get later on. 

Nelson Mandela passed away today, sad.

Where's my The Front Bottoms concert to make it go away? 

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