A Meu Ver!


So New Year it is. 

The day change into the New Year is really something that happens around here, the new bidding is on, new shift with new habits (since now I can sleep a little bit more and stop being this zombie thing I'm being for the past three months). I decided that I can't stand that job anymore, that I need to leave, doesn't matter where to. 

Wishing I could travel as much as I can and on the other hand I shouldn't travel to save some money to leave. 

Last year plan was to go again to New York to watch The Front Bottoms Christmas concert, but due the snow storms I gave up the idea. Went to Rio instead to visit my family since I didn't see them since my grandma's funeral two years ago. Now I'm planning to go to LA to see these two sweetest boys ever playing and to see the sweet guy I've been talking for almost two months. :)))

Been addicted to Tumblr like I never did before. And this year is gonna be Morena's (the alter ego) year. The hair is new, still needs a hair cut and I'm missing my tanned skin. All I can say the "maneater" is already among us breaking some hearts, haha. BFF can confirm. 

Been talking a lot about leaving, and talking to one cool guy who seems to know or be friends with the human being from the past and um trying not to transfer bad thoughts, feelings and treatments to him, but it's being hard to me. 

So, if 2013 was legendary, I don't know what to expect and to call this year. Because it's already crazy enough and it's only the first week!

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