A Meu Ver!

Inside the cafe

They were there, seated and talking with each other. The world didn't exist when they're together. 

She was dying to touch him, but decided not to. They kept talking for a long time. After a while, he held her hand and she let it, then he put his other hand on her hand and held it, she gave in. So their four hands were tangled on the middle of the table. And they talk for hours like that. 

She really want to touch his face and feel it, she didn't want to seem weak. Later he started touching her face, her cheek... so she touched his. To feel his touch made her melt, weak, the power he has over her and he knows the effects it has, how strong it is. 

They kept talking and laughing. After some time, he started putting his hands under her the cardigan sleeve and she asks what he's doing, if he's trying to reach her shoulders through the sleeve, he laughs and says no, but if he were it would be much easier to try from the top, and points to her cleavage, that is more open, he says. She blushes and changes the subject. He then asks what the pendant on her neckless meaning, she answers; he's asking that with the pendant in hands, touching it. When she finished answering the question, he puts it back inside her cleavage. She just sighs. 

It's a long time talking, nothing different than what they've been doing lately and that's amazing. He starts playing with her hair, there is one loose lock and he plays with it for a long while, out of nowhere he grabs her hair from behind and pulls it, and he just know how to pull her hair properly! She melts there, she can't focus anymore, she's sweating! She makes him stop and puts her hands on the table, trying to focus, put herself together. It takes a few minutes to get back to her regular self. So he keeps doing it, when he pulls her hair, he just know he owns her, he knew at the very first time. She thinks she could come just with that one action! He starts tracing her top with the tip of his index finger, she is dying, she could take him there, in public, she lost control already, he's controlling her. When there's no one looking, he grabs her nipple and first rubs it, then pinches it, hard... she doesn't feel any pain, just pleasure spreading through her body, the naughty grin on his face shows he's enjoying it. He does it repeatedly, driving her crazy. When people come in, he stops or she stops him. It's not the idea of being caught that turns her on, because she just know it won't happen, but being under his control, he can do whatever he wants and he knows it. Being dominated. 

Then she wakes up, it was just a fantasy and they are just talking inside that cafe. 

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