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Fifty Shades, eHarmony and Drive

So today the official trailer for the Fifty Shades of Grey finally came out and it is absurdly much better than I thought it would be. 

After Fezitcha asked me about a detail on Anastasia's dress that we saw on the video I started reading and fuck, it's the emotional breakdown from GTL (LA/Aquarius boy) I didn't have. 
All those feelings floating here, all the lack of trust, all lack of care, where you don't have someone that would be there for you. When you finally find someone who totally gets you and get all your kinks and you don't want them to leave. I can't explain very well the feeling, but I love the way he takes care of her, looks after her and how he surrenders to her. I'm pretty submissive inside so it all makes pretty good sense to me. 

And I joined eHarmony this week, after Priscila Tieta convincide me to do it, now there's a bunch of guys talking to me and I just don't know. I tend to shut down, because I don't trust people and I don't play with relationships, but I also want to find someone. My life is so fucked up. 

So I'm here crying over Ana and Grey's story and Drive is on TV right now, so there's LA on TV. This is irony, my friends. 

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