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Week 06 july 2014 - 13 july 2014

This week started on my weekend off. Which was spent at home since I spent my life on my last quick trip to Miami on Mother's day. And I couldn't see The Front Bottoms playing in Toronto. 

After going out to dinner with my friends at Outback, I spent the whole Sunday here doing nothing and sleeping. 

- Monday started with huge lines at work. But I didn't real upset me.
- Tuesday was the day I was expecting since last week, the day Germany played against Brasil on 2014 World Cup, and my boys won, amazingly, 7 x 1! After that all was good!
- Wednesday and Holand played against Argentina, and lost. Which made me really upset. I watched it with my friends there. After a day full of lines, it was a local holiday and some overtime thanks to a customer from India and a crazy call. On that same day I received a message from the Aquarius boy - who haven't talked to me in 14 days after a crazy breakout I had on my PMS after being played again - talking about Brasil's match, I don't even see the point of doing it, because I was cheering for Germany since the beginning and he knew that. Then he sent the most unexpected message: "I love you baby!" And I freaked out, totally, because WTF! Later I answered it with a "wait... What?" And nothing was said after that, I'm so pissed but can you expect something good from this guy, I guess I can't but now I wanna say it to him. Prick. Whatever. Met the bagaceiras after work, Fe, Rani, My plus Danilo. We went to Koni, it was great but it all made my headache gets worse. Destiny's Child "Say My Name" played on random. 
- Thursday I had to wake up early to go to the orthopedist, nothing related to my pain was done and ok. Got really early to work and stay hanging around there, talked a lot to Zequiña and he introduced me to Relay. We came across Ashton Kutcher's record. Relay during the whole day. Then I met Fe and Rani, they made a friend at Haddock's Starbucks and then we had dinner at Bella Paulista, which was full of vendidos. I spent the whole night talking to Zequiña on really, a high breeze, hippie, signs contradiction and all, until 6am. 
- Friday was spent at bed, on Tumblr, answering messages (to ifacefuckbukowski and Julie) and playing, doing nails late at night, which I shouldn't be doing. 
- Saturday I woke up, washed my hair for the first time after doing the Brazilian Blowout (!!! - hahahah) and blow drying. i went to the doctor and a conjunctivitis was detected. Met Fe, Cla, Paula and Danilo to watch Holand vs Brasil match. Talking to Guto, who I don't know if I ever talked about here and he's kind of nice, I have no idea what's gonna happen. Since we talk since November and nothing ever happened, I'm not sure if it will or not. We would watch the match tomorrow and after asking me to do it together, he said he couldn't do it...

PS. I forgot Julie (a girl from Tumblr) also said "I Love you". That's why I decided to write, it was the week people decided to say they love me. 

That was pretty much everything about this week and it feels like three weeks!

Soundtrack: all my Elliott Smith's songs. 

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